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My Digital Studio

Ok so now you all know, My Digital Studio is going to be discontinued by Stampin’ Up!  You will not be able to purchase either the programme or downloads after the 31st May, 2015.  However, if you have already purchased the programme then the good news is that you (and I) can still use MDS to create projects for our own needs.  The programme and downloads will still be available for purchase right up until the 31st May.

What does this mean?

Well you will need to make sure that you have backed up your programme and downloads in a safe place, as you will not be able to access them after the 31st May.   I’m not going to tell you how to do this as each of us has our own methods.

My Digital will also be discontinued after the 31st May, so if you have something that you need from that site, please make sure that you save it somewhere for your own future use.

You can however, purchase digital downloads online and use them in your programme provided they are compatible.

I will keep available the original content of the My Digital Studio programme available to you by clicking here.

As I find resources for you I will try and locate them here on this page for as long as I possibly can.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this programme as I will always be happy to help if I can.


Bye for now,



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