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Progress December Daily

December 23, 2014

028I shared with you a while ago the first page in my December Daily Album and while I have been taking lots of photos, I haven’t had much time to complete my pages, until this last week.

I decided to shout myself an Epson Picturemate Printer so that I could print the photos I wanted, exactly as I wanted.  This printer lets me print 4″ x 6″ photos or I can photo collage onto the 4″ x 6″ canvas up to 8 photos.  Amazing and the quality is just fantastic.030

Anyway, using the printer at home means that I can look at the layout, select my photo and print it either portrait or landscape to suit my page.  This makes it much easier for me to complete the pages, especially when you need to add the pictures on “back to back” pages.

The first layout shows my grandchildren decorating my Christmas Tree and putting up the various banners and decorative pieces which we have made between us over the years.   My tree is beautiful and always decorated heavily on the side most accessible and will never win a contest for being the most perfect tree, but each decoration has a memory attached and that is what I treasure most.033

My two youngest granddaughters were spending the day with me while I was working on the photos and they were really interested to see what I have done and what I had written.  This is the most important part of memory keeping being able to share the story and the memory of wonderful times together.034

The second page shows my Mum with a couple of other ladies at my Beachmere Class on the left.  The right side of the page shows my grandson Noah collecting a weekly award at his school assembly.

I will show you more of my album over the next week or so.  Although, I must say that my album will not be a documentation of each day necessarily, but I will document all the outings, school events and family occasions that come up during the month.

Hope you are all getting organised to celebrate Christmas.

Bye for now,


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